מסמך משפטי: T-S Ar.39.150

מסמך משפטי T-S Ar.39.150


Legal document(s) in Arabic script. Recto: Acknowledgment made by Najm b. Naḥrīr the 'mawlā' of Suʿadāʾ(?) bt. al-Ḥasan b. Muḥammad al-ʿAlawī(?) b. al-ʿAbbāsī(?) and Hilāl [...] b. al-ʿAlawī(?) b. al-ʿAbbāsī(?) and Muẓaffar b. Madkhūr the tailor, acting as agent for his wife Mulk/Malak. Dating: mentions the years 409 and 410 AH = ca. 1018–20 CE. Further down mentions real estate and various names (e.g., [...] b. Muḥammad b. ʿAlī Ibn Ṭabāṭabā and payments. Needs further examination to understand the content. Verso: Addendum, possibly in the hand of the same scribe, and referring repeatedly to the original document on recto. Reporting that the husband of Ḥuml(?) bt. Naḥrīr the mawlā of Suʿadāʾ etc. collected on behalf of his wife a certain sum of money. Dated: 8 Rabīʿ I 410 AH. Needs further examination.