מכתב: T-S Ar.38.118

מכתב T-S Ar.38.118


Letter in calligraphic Arabic script. The sender's name probably appears at upper left. He is writing from Jerusalem (al-Quds al-Mubārak, 6 lines from the bottom). The addressee is a woman (sittī al-karīma(?)). Possibly a letter of thanks, but might be a petition for further help. Includes a quotation from the Hebrew Bible (including Proverbs 13:19, תאוה נהיה תערב לנפש) transcribed into Arabic script (on which basis Khan identified the sender and addressee as Qaraites). In the margins and between the lines of recto and on verso there are Hebrew pen trials including biblical verses, and a few words in Arabic script copied from the text of the letter. Needs further examination for content. Cited in the literature only in two articles by Khan, where he refers to its existence but does not discuss its content.