מכתב: T-S Ar.35.276

מכתב T-S Ar.35.276



Letter in Arabic script. Fragment (lower part only). In lines 2–3 there is a report on the illness of a woman, who is now doing better (wa-lākin mā hiya illā qad aṣābat al-ʿāfiya). Then from line 5 to the end, there are greetings to numerous people, including Sayyid al-Ahl someone's brother-in-law and to 'my masters the judges' (al-dayyānīn). Merits further examination. On verso there are magical names in Judaeo-Arabic, apparently the names of spirits/jinns/demons of the clouds (? saḥabī): Maymūn, Zawbaʿa, Shamhorash (cf. T-S AS 145.71), Saydūk (cf. T-S Ar.51.95, which has a drawing of Maymūn Ghulām Saydūk), al-Aḥmar, al-Abyaḍ, al-Mudhahhab.