מכתב: T-S Ar.30.86

מכתב T-S Ar.30.86



Fragment of a Judaeo-Arabic letter, probably early 13th century. Topics include: the arrival of Hilāl and his maternal uncle; a dispute over 900 dirhams, leading to a legal testimony in which the writer and Abu l-'Ala and al-Mawla al-Najib and Rabbi Anatoli Shemuel and al-Shaykh al-Akram all signed; the arrival of Abu l-[...] who delivered something important; the 15th of Tammuz when Hilel/Hilāl arrived; [...] al-Hasid; "the matter of the sāqiyah"; the prices are stable, except the armies [...]; and "the Franks have no building" (?). ASE.