מכתב: T-S Ar.29.105

מכתב T-S Ar.29.105



Letter in Ladino. Dating: possibly 16th century. The letter seems to have been dictated by a blind man. He says: ,Rabi Jacob dijo ke afilu ke tuviera ojos podia enganarme kuanto mas ombre sagi naor. And elsewhere he says: ,ke no tengo ojos y no tengo kien me mire*. He continues and says: ,tengo miedo ke me akontesca lo ke me akontesio' and ask his wife: ,venid a Misrayim ke una mujer kon ojos esmas mejor ke mire, por dos vezes adije a meterme en barko y no tope conpania . . .' This blind man, then, lives in Cairo, separated from his wife who seems to live in the Holy Land. He hopes his wife will sell her clothes and jeweils (alajas) to support him." Elazar Gutwirth, "The Family in Judeo-Spanish Genizah Letters," 214. There are also sketches of leafy plants.