מכתב: T-S Ar.19.9

מכתב T-S Ar.19.9


Recto: Letter from Muḥammad b. ʿUmar. In Arabic script. Dated: 538 AH = 1143/44 CE. Mentions the bearer of the letter, Karīm b. Zak[kūr? b.] Sayyid al-Ahl. Evidently asking the addressee to do a favor involving the children of Sayyid al-Ahl and their neighbor, and something which is good and cheap. Verso: Letter in Arabic script in a different hand. Written in a deferential style. The sender reports that he is still suffering the remnants of an illness (baqāyā al-maraḍ). Mentions "moving to Cairo (al-Qāhira al-maḥrūsa)" and "addressing the excellence" about something "at the time of his departure." It is not clear how the letters on recto and verso are related to each other.