מכתב: T-S A41.13

מכתב T-S A41.13



Letter draft addressed to a Nagid who has two sons. The opening titles and blessings fill 12 lines. The remainder of the page is filled with the sender's deferential phrases craving indulgence for daring to address the addressee and excusing himself by appealing to necessity/want. There are 3 more lines on the other side. It is not clear whether there remain any clues to what the actual matter at hand is. This fragment also contains a Judaeo-Arabic tafsīr of Ezekiel 23:22–25, writing exercises of Psalms 119:195, and repetitions and variations of the name Yeshuʿa ha-Talmid b. Yosef. (Information in part from Davis I Catalog via FGP.)