מסמך משפטי: T-S 12.639

מסמך משפטי T-S 12.639


Recto: Bill of release of Avraham and his brother [...], sons of Yiṣḥaq, to [...]. Dating: 11th century. Witnessed by Menaḥem b. Natan, Abū l-Ḥayy b. Ḥizqiyya, Nissim b. Maymūn Majjānī, Yeshuʿa b. Sayyid. Attested by the court: Yosef b. Yoshiyya, Nissi[m] b. Shimʿ[on], Moshe b. Yosef, Menaḥem b. Yiṣḥaq. Verso: the manuscript has been re-used as the cover of a book ופר[...]רש דרבי אלעזר. On the facing page there is reference to 'the daughter of Usāma' (or: a female lioness?) known as Sitt M[...] and Fahda. AA/ASE