סמי ספרותי: BL OR 5547.2

סמי ספרותי BL OR 5547.2



See also BL OR 5547.3. Recto: two blocks of text in Arabic. The bottom one at least is a medical prescription (يوجذ على بركة الله وعونه) using ingredients such as chebulic myrobalan (اهليلج كابلي) and lavender (اسطوخوذس). Verso: upper block of text is Judaeo-Arabic and Hebrew, giving detailed instructions for how a cantor should recite certain verses and prayers. Lower block of text is another Arabic technical text, conceivably from a work on alchemy, as in the verso of BL OR 5547.3 (by the same writer).The overlap of the Hebrew script with the Arabic technical passage (see the title of the section, باب אל...) suggests that the same writer is responsible for the the entirety of verso. ASE.