מכתב: T-S AS 151.8

מכתב T-S AS 151.8


Recto (secondary use): Fragment of a mercantile letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Refers to someone called "al-ʿozer" (cf. T-S 12.215 (PGPID 3104)); someone's son; notebooks (dafātir); Yaʿqūb; Abū l-Faraj; someone who sent 200 pounds of something (wheat?) in 4 installments of 50 pounds each, saying that the price was 35 dinars per tillīs and that he had thereby paid off his debts. Then: "as for what concerns the female slave, we will keep her as well as we can and if...." Then mentions a parnas. (Information in part from CUDL)

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תנאי היתר שימוש בתצלום
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