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    LetterT-S Ar.39.23

    Business memorandum in Arabic script. Reporting on the arrival and shipment of different loads, mainly firewood. 30 loads of firewood reached Minya al-Qays at the …

    1. واما الحطب فقد وصل الى القيس ثلثلين حمل من حساب

    2. ثلثة دراهم وربع الحمل  وبقية الحطب جميعه باقي في

    3. منبال من حساب درهمين الحمل الى النيل يحمل

    4. ود…

    1. And as for the firewood, it has reached [Minya] al-Qays, 30 loads at the price of

    2. 3 dirhams and ¼ per load, and all of the remaining firewood…

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