Letter: T-S Ar.39.23

Letter T-S Ar.39.23



Business memorandum in Arabic script. Reporting on the arrival and shipment of different loads, mainly firewood. 30 loads of firewood reached Minya al-Qays at the shipping cost of 3 1/4 dirhams per load, whereas it cost 2 dirhams per load to transport it to Minbāl. Another 10 loads, probably of firewood, are being transported on the Nile. The boats are getting mired in the water and need more buoyancy (tuʿūm). On verso, there are Hebrew jottings (liturgical?).

T-S Ar.39.23 recto



Yusuf Umrethwala and Alan Elbaum, unpublished editions (n.p., 2024).
  1. واما الحطب فقد وصل الى القيس ثلثلين حمل من حساب

  2. ثلثة دراهم وربع الحمل  وبقية الحطب جميعه باقي في

  3. منبال من حساب درهمين الحمل الى النيل يحمل

  4. ودرهمين(؟؟)

  5. فقد سير منه عشرة احمال واصحاب المراكب يحتجوا بالوحلات

  1. واذا زاد الما شي تعوم فيه المراكب جيد سير البقية الذي في القيس(؟)




Yusuf Umrethwala and Alan Elbaum, PGP Translations (n.p., 2024).


1. And as for the firewood, it has reached [Minya] al-Qays, 30 loads at the price of

2. 3 dirhams and ¼ per load, and all of the remaining firewood

3. was sent to Minbāl, at the calculation of two dirhams per load. Let it be transported to the Nile.

4. At the price of two dirhams (?)

5. 10 loads were sent and the masters of the ships are protesting because the ships will get stuck in the mud [with all that weight]

6. and when the water level rises, the ships will sail better. The rest, which was in [Minya] al-Qays has been sent(?)