Letter: T-S 12.85

Letter T-S 12.85



Business letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Addressed to a certain Avraham, c/o the shop of Abū l-Ḥasan al-Ṣā'igh, in Fustat. The sender asks the addressee to send two cubits of malā'is(?) with the muleteer (al-mukārī). It seems that the sender will send the price back with him. “If Ibn ʿAmmār arrives, inquire from him about the news of my paternal uncle. For a man named ʿAṭṭāf b. Maḥmūd Ibn Sākin arrived and reported that my uncle with a group of […] merchants arrived in Java . . . . . from Java to . . the land(s), and [that] they are well, may God reunite us quickly, God willing.” ASE

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