Letter: Bodl. MS Heb. c 56/3

Letter Bodl. MS Heb. c 56/3


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Letter in Arabic from a father to a son that consists almost entirely of greetings and well-wishes. The family rejoiced to receive his letters from Tripoli al-Gharb (Libya) and from al-Mahdiyya. The addressee's mother sends her regards, as do his brothers Baqā' and Maʿānī, as do his sister and her children (and she possibly orders a dinar's worth of colored silk when he returns). Umm (?) Yūsuf sends her regards, as do Umm Sitt al-Jamīʿ and Abū Saʿd and Abū Surūr. Verso: Accounts in Judaeo-Arabic mentioning items that were sent with Abū Surūr and others with [. . .] al-Nafūsī and others with [. . .] b. Hilāl. There may be notes from Goitein that are not yet attached. ASE.

Bodl. MS Heb. c 56/3 3 verso

3 verso


Bodl. MS Heb. c 56/3 3 recto

3 recto
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