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Excerpt from a Gaon's responsa in Ḥalfon's writing A very small section of a genius answer. בע"א, written in Hebrew and Aramaic, remains of a halachic discussion in which it is quoted from the Babylonian Talmud (Sanhedrin 31a-12b) regarding the joining of witnesses to each other and the matter of a court. According to the hypothesis, the subject of the discussion in this part of the answer is the joining of testimonies or evidence to maintain a yard. In the Hebrew text, remnants of the end of Gaon's answer letter, which includes a request for support for his yeshiva, as found in Gaon's Babylonian answers. Although little can be gleaned from the passage, it is published here in the hope that other passages connected to it will be discovered in the future. As with the other passages that were identified based on the writing alone as being written by Ḥalfon, the identification is certainly not complete, but in this case, it seems most likely. The passage adds, therefore, some addition to the character of Ḥalfon as a sage who copies the answers of the geniuses for his needs. (Information from Goitein and Friedman, India Book IV)


S. D. Goitein and Mordechai Akiva Friedman, Ḥalfon the Traveling Merchant Scholar : Cairo Geniza Documents‎ (in Hebrew) (Jerusalem: Ben Zvi Institute, 2013), vol. 4.


TS AS 172.68

  1. אין מִצטרפין [עד שיראו שניהם כאחד ̇ר יהושע בן קרחה]
  2. או̇מ אפילו בזהִ [אחר זה ...]
  3. במטלטלין דאמרי [נהרדעי בין הודאה אחר הודאה ובין הודאה אחר]
  4. הלואה ובוין הלואה אחר [הלואה ובין הלואה אחר הודאה]
  5. [מצ]טרפין כמאן כ̇ר יהו[שע בן קרחה ...]
  6. ראובן את החצר כולה לאישִ [...]
  7. אביו מציה במתנה אף על ז[...]
  8. לִ[...]ם וכי האי [גונ]א לא האוי [חזקה ...]
  9. [...]אִ.מִ[...]


  1. [... מנ]הִגנו ודורִשִיִ[ם לשלום ...]
  2. [... אין אנו] מִחִזִיִקים טוב[ה] לעצמנו [...]
  3. [...] בִת קול בלתי ניראתִ [...]
  4. [...]מצאנו לחם חקינו ומזִוִנִוִתִיִנִוִ [...]
  5. [... הי]שִיבה אפילו בלחץ ונעִשִיִנו [...]
  6. [...] חיינו תלִוִאִים ומזונותינו בִ..[...]
  7. [...].. .ל...[...]