Legal document: CUL Or.1080 J141

Legal document CUL Or.1080 J141


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Legal document in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe. Dating: Mentions the date Av 1425 Seleucid = July/August 1114 CE. This is a post-divorce settlement. The former husband, Saʿadya b. Avraham, and the former wife, Jawhara bt. Seʿadya known as Abū l-Yumn Ibn al-Baṣal, release each other from all claims. She initiated the divorce by agreeing to forego the delayed payment from her marriage contract (this is known as "ransom" or iftidāʾ), and the court obligated him to give her the bill of divorce. The ex-husband does commit to maintaining their infant daughter by giving Jawhara 10 dirhams each month and 8 pieces of clothing each year. Information from Friedman's edition and from Goitein's index card.

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