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Detailed inventory of the estate of a very wealthy person, including a debt of 125 dinars to tax-farmers. Dating: ca. 1145 CE. Mentions names such as Abū l-Karam Ibn al-Ḥunaykh, Ibn al-Kirmānī, Mūsā, Abū l-Makārim the son of the late Rabbenu Nissim, Abū Saʿd b. Naḥman, Ibn Kūshak al-ʿAmīd, Muslim Ibn al-Naʿja, Abū Sulaymān the Qaraite, Abū l-Ḥusayn Ibn Sunaynāt, Abū l-Mufaḍḍal al-Wazzān, Abū l-Manṣūr al-Ṭabīb the Qaraite, al-Ṣaʿīdī, and Dammūh (the place). Signed by Peraḥya b. Yeḥezqel and Moshe b. Yehuda. See Goitein's index card for further citations. Goitein's comment: "Such debts were not always a sign of poverty. The last leaf of an inventory of an estate notes a debt of 125 dinars on tax-farming, but registers purses with gold and silver coins, vessels made of the same metals, promissory notes, and many other assets far exceeding a thousand dinars" (Med Soc II, p. 362 at note 47).

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