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List of around sixty "houses" (bayt) and of eight male individuals, each followed by Coptic numerals. Includes an entry for "the house of the rayyis, the house of our lord R. Avraham (Maimonides)," which Cohen takes as proof that this is a donor list rather than an alms list. Goitein speculates that this might be "a collection arranged by women to which also a few gentlemen contributed." Cohen, however, takes "house" to mean not "wife" but "household," and when a married woman appears on the list, she is mentioned using the term imraʾa (col. 3, line 17). Likewise, in the entry "the bayt of ʿAziza," a woman's name, bayt can only mean "househo1d" (col. 3, line 12). Entries are crossed out when people paid their pledges. (Information from Cohen, Voice of the Poor, 182)

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