Legal document: T-S Misc.24.137.2

Legal document T-S Misc.24.137.2



A leaf from the court register, with five different entries, all signed by Yiṣḥaq b. Shemu'el, all explicitly dated between Shevat and Iyyar 1410 Sel. (1099 CE). Recto: Righthand side: Nissim commits to pay alimonies for his son, for the period from the signing of this document, Wednesday Nissan 3rd 1410 Sel. (28.3.1099 CE), to the feast of Shavu'ot. Lefthand side: Yehuda b. Hayyim ha-Melamed sues his brother-in-law, Yefet b. Ya'aqov, late Shevat (1410 Sel.?). Verso: Righthand side: partially torn court record, 25th of Adar II 1410 Sel. (21.3.1099 CE). Lefthand side: top - Abū al-Khayr Shelomo ha-Kohen (b. Se'adya?) is sued by Se'adya b. Yiṣḥaq, Monday 25th of [missing, perhaps Adar II as in the previous entry] 1410 Sel. Bottom - continuation of litigation between the two, 15th of Iyyar 1410 Sel (9.5.1099 CE)