Legal document: ENA NS 18.27

Legal document ENA NS 18.27



Reuse: Several legal documents, either drafts or court records. In Judaeo-Arabic. The entries on recto are very faded. The one that begins at the bottom of recto contains a statement by Yosef b. Shelomo that he will not take a second wife (or else he will be punished). Location: Probably Fustat. Dated: 1390 Seleucid, which is 1078/79 CE. The second entry on verso concerns various deposits or pledges. Mentions the wife of Sulaymān, a judge (al-shofeṭ), the house or wife of Abū l-Surūr. Also mentions a mill (ṭāḥūna) and maybe someone named Shāhīn. The bottom entry on verso is a detailed list of the items pertaining to the Dār al-Ṣarf that were sold in the presence of the court (Yefet b. Zarʿa(?), Meshullam b. Moshe, and Avraham b. [...]).

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Mordechai Akiva Friedman, Jewish Polygyny‎ (in Hebrew) (Tel Aviv: Bialik, 1986).

ENA NS 18, f. 27 ed. Friedman, Jewish Polygyny, pp. 56, N.H. 2-24-88, (P). Draft of a document containing a punishment for taking a second wife. Probably from Fustat, 1078/9 The verso contains another draft document.

  1. חצר יוסף בן שלמה אלמערוף באבו א אלרמלי וקיבל עלי נפסה מעכשו
  2. לעניים אן כאן תזוג עלי מרתה פל בנת סהלאן [ולא] יתזוג עליהא אלא [ ]
  3. חבאלה ואקני מנה עלי דלך וקביל [ ]
  4. דשנת אשצ לשטרות אברהם [ביר יצחק התלמיד נע]


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