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Legal document. Partnership agreement. Dated: May 14, 1238. Written in the hand of Solomon b. Elijah (identified by Goitein), teacher and court scribe. Concerning a partnership in a "kitchen" (maṭbakh), likely a facility engaged in food preparation. The mention of a "division" (that is, of assets) and the statement that "only […] remains" suggests that this may be a partnership settlement and release, or at least this release was not accompanied by a final settlement of all accounts, though the document isn't sufficiently well-preserved for certainty. The partners were Abū al-Riḍā Yaḥyā b. Samuel and al-Makīn b. Shela ha-Levi. The exact date is given in the Islamic calendar (28 Ramadan 635), and is also dated in the Jewish calendar (last ten-day period of Iyar) with the Seleucid year (1549). (Information from Lieberman, "A Partnership Culture," 236)

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