State document: T-S 13J33.11 + ENA NS I.23

State document T-S 13J33.11 + ENA NS I.23


Original use: Fragment of a chancery document, possibly a decree. In Arabic script with wide line spacing. 7 lines are partially preserved. Later, the empty spaces on both recto and verso were reused for Judaeo-Arabic legal documents (see separate record). The last line of ENA NS I.23 reads: "[...] ʿan salaf wa-ḥāḍir ʿan ghāʾib min al-tamassuk." Legible words and phrases from T-S 13J33.11 include: fa-lammā warada min al-shām... al-iṣtināʿ rājī... bi-murāʿā... wa-lā siyyamā wa-qad taqammaṣat(?) min malābis(?)....

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