Legal document: T-S 13J33.11 + ENA NS I.23

Legal document T-S 13J33.11 + ENA NS I.23


Secondary use: A judge's inventory of possessions and money relating to Avraham b. Ḥasan and Abū l-Ṭāhir. Possibly the inventory of a coppersmith who possessed also the three parts of the Bible. Mentions the Iraqi synagogue. Verso: apparently copies of legal documents, one of them relating to an engagement, all written around an Arabic chancery document (see separate record). The future wedding is dated 1391 of the Seleucid Era (= 1079/80 CE). People mentioned include Abū Zikrī, Avraham b. Yiṣḥaq, [...] the trader Pinḥas b. Elʿazar Ibn al-Shofeṭ, and Nahray he-Ḥaver (who may sign somewhere). (Information in part from CUDL and Goitein's index card.) It's not clear if or how these join directly. ENA NS 13.3 (PGPID 36025) is probably also realated. Needs further examination.

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