Legal document: T-S 10J11.4

Legal document T-S 10J11.4


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Legal document. Record of an agreement between the Heqdesh and the banker Abū l-Thanāʾ b. Abū Saʿd the cantor. On leaf 2 are drafts of documents. (Information from CUDL.) Abū l-Thanāʾ and his father are to rebuild the compound known by the name of Sitt Ghazāl, which is in a state of decay. The qodesh will invest 200 dirham and some timber the reconstruction. As usual, the investment made by Abū l-Thanāʾ and his father is to be repaid by according them free lodging in that house. After covering their investment, they are to pay rent at the accepted rate. (Information from Gil, Documents, pp. 467 #140)

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