Letter: T-S 10J10.4

Letter T-S 10J10.4



Letter from Shemuʾel b. Yaʿaqov b. Shemuʾel to his teacher Avraham b. Ḥaggay. In Hebrew. With greetings for the high holidays and a request for a gift. (Information from CUDL and Goitein's index card.)

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Mark Cohen, The Voice of the Poor in the Middle Ages (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2005).


  1. In the name of the Merciful 
  2. "The righteous man holds his way, he whose hands are clean, etc." (Job 17:9).
  3.  I send peace, peace / to the man of peace / from the Lord of peace, / "peace, peace"/[...]
  4. his face in his cloak and reveal them. / Behold I dreamt a dream, / (his) ho(nor),
  5.  gr(eatness and) ho(liness our) ma(ster) and t(eacher) Abraham the precious elder, the wise and the discerning,
  6. who fears heaven and loves Torah and those who study it, whose gift to all is great
  7. whether in secret [or in p]ublic, may he be blessed by Him abundantly, son of (his) ho(nor), gr(eatness and)
  8. ho(liness our) ma(ster) and t(eacher) Ḥaggai (who) r(ests) in the G(arden of Eden).I inform my lord the precious elder that I am
  9. among those who remember your deeds and I yearn for your benefactions. Since I
  10. arrived here I have d[e]sired to see my lord the elder and I always
  11. pray for you. I came here out of great [need].
  12. The benefactions of my lord the elder are w[ell known] to all who t[urn]
  13. to you, in keeping with your congenial habit. Since I arr[ived here I have not asked]
  14. a thing from anyone. If you now would d[o me a kindness …]
  15. grant me something with which to sustain myself [...]
  16. even a small coin [...]
  17. may the Omnipresen(t), b(lessed be) H(e) [...]


Recto, margin

give you the good tidings of absolution and forgiveness [and consider] whatever you do on my behalf as if it were a complete offering upo[n] the altar. May you merit "to see the goodness of God and to visit his sanctuary" (Psalm 27:4). If I did not know about your habit and kindnes[s and] goodness I would not be bothering you. I have nothing of the sereneness of our forefather[s], and I have no means of sustenance. May the h(oly one) b(lessed be) H(e) grant that you be favored by all those who see you, [and] the outcome be your welfare. Your student Samuel b. Jacob the Rav b. Samuel the Rav (who) r(ests in) E(den). 


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