Letter: ENA 4011.17

Letter ENA 4011.17



Letter from David b. Daniel to a parnas (leader of the Jewish community). Written in his own hand, per Gil. In Judaeo-Arabic. Instructing the addressee to obtain from Abū l-Riḍā Shelomo b. Mevorakh 60 wariq (low-quality) dirhams and to pay them to the divorcee of Abū l-Baqāʾ Shemuel. He is to inform her that this payment is for maintenance of his (Shemuel's) daughter for a period of two full months. Her family and kin must cease their objections, because this monthly payment (30 wariq dirhams) is more than she has a right to by law. The parnas should convey this payment to her every month going forward.

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Moshe Gil, Palestine During the First Muslim Period (634–1099)‎ (in Hebrew) (Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University, 1983), vol. 3.

ENA 4011, f. 17 ed. Gil, Palestine, Pt. 3, pp.336-337 (Doc. #537), C.B. 11-11-87 (p) Short letter from David b. Daniel to a parnas (leader of the Jewish community) written in his own hand. (Gil)

  1. בשמך רחמנא
  2. סידי אלפרנס אידה אללה י[ת]סלם מן אלשיך אבי אלרצי שלמה
  3. [ב]ן מברך אדאם אללה חראסתה מן אלורק סתון דרהמא וימצי
  4. יסלמהא אלי מטלקה אבי אלבקא שמואל ויערפהא אנהא /ב/מוונה
  5. אבנתה למדה שהרין כאמלין ויתקדם אליהא באלבעד ען דכרה
  6. במא לא יסוג ואן יזול כל מן אהלהא ועשירתהא ען אעתראצה
  7. ותערף אן הדא אלקדר אל[[תי]]//די// געלה להא פי כל שהר הו אכתר
  8. ממא יעטיהא אלחכם פתערף קדר דלך ולא יעאוד אחד
  9. אלי מעארצתה פאן אלמסתקר אן יכון פי כל שהר סידי אלפרנס יתסלם
  10. אלקדר אלמקרר ויוצלה אליהא אן שא אללה ישועה


Mark Cohen, The Voice of the Poor in the Middle Ages (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2005).


In your name, O Merciful 


My lord the parnas, may God support you, shall [r]eceive from the elder Abuʾl Riḍā Solomon b. Mevorakh, may God watch over him forever, 60 waraq dirhems and pay them to the divorcée of Abuʾl-Baqāʾ Samuel, telling her that this is child support for her daughter for two full months. He should direct her to desist from saying improper things about him and to have all her close and distant relatives stop interfering. She should be informed that the amount he is allocating her each month is more than what she should be given by law. She should be informed what that amount is and henceforth no one should protest. It is firmly established that each month my lord the parnas shall receive the prescribed amount and deliver it to her, if God wills. Salvation. 


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