Legal document: T-S 12.624

Legal document T-S 12.624

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Marriage contract (ketubba). Fragment (lower right corner). Dating: Second half of the 11th century. Decorated borders with criscrossing small letters and red dots. The wife will not leave the home without the permission of the husband. There are two sisters. If one preferred to live elsewhere, she could let her store only to her sister. If they should receive additions to their estate from the Maghreb, the two sisters would share equally. Signed by: Merayot b. Yosef ha-Kohen Av ha-Yeshiva; Binyamin b. Avraham; Yabqa(?) b. Menaḥem; Yiftaḥ b. [...]; and a few more. (Information from Goitein's index card.)

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