Letter: T-S 12.257 + T-S AS 145.278 + T-S K25.209

Letter T-S 12.257 + T-S AS 145.278 + T-S K25.209



Letter from a cantor of Mosul. T-S 12.257r is continued in T-S K25.209 and ends in T-S 12.257v. The letter is written in childish script, often omitting letters. The sender cites his eye illness to excuse his bad script. He travelled with a Nasi to Egypt. In Alexandria, he bought something nice for 15 dinars for his wife. Then he had some very dramatic adventures on the way to Cairo including a brush with the army and a companion detained by the (Ayyubid?) military and accused of being a Frankish spy. (Information in part from Goitein's note card and transcription.) In the handwriting of the same scribe: T-S 13J14.22 and T-S 6J5.1; T-S AS 205.197 is similar but probably not the same. The join with T-S AS 145.278 was identified by Alan Elbaum.

T-S AS 145.278 1r




T-S AS 145.278 1v

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