Legal document: T-S 8.201

Legal document T-S 8.201



Legal document, concerning the will of [Avraham] b. Peraḥya [Yiju]. Dating: probably 1160–65 or 1160–69 CE, as it was drawn up under the authority of [the Gaʾon Netanʾel] b. Moshe; this means it was drawn up at least 4 years after Avraham' death in 1155/56 CE. In which Avraham's sister Berakha (the wife of [Marwān b.] Zikrī, l. 16) appoints Yeshuʿa b. Yosef as her agent to claim her inheritance of 50 (dinars?), which she had learned about from [...]m b. ʿIwāḍ. There is a reference to the sea (ʿalā l-baḥr) at the bottom. Also mentions Bū l-Fakhr b. Avraham (l. 3), who may be Saʿadya Ibn al-Amshāṭī, and Avraham b. Eliyya. (Information in part from Goitein's index card and CUDL.) ASE

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