Letter: ENA 2736.20

Letter ENA 2736.20


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Congratulations to Eli ha-Kohen the Parnas (dated documents 1057–1107) and his son Abū Kathīr from Ḥasan b. Manṣūr al-Ne'eman from a locality in the Rīf. Al-Mumḥe b. al-Shofeṭ served as cantor. But when he said public prayer for the elders of the community and included Marwān, there was trouble. The addressee knows who the troublemakers were and is asked to intervene with Sayyidnā. Goitein identifies this cantor, son of the slaughterer, as the same peron as the writer of T-S 8J15.3. The shelfmark ENA 2736.20 is either erroneous or no longer exists, true shelfmark TBD. Goitein's transcription is attached.