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Unknown type BL OR 5542.32


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Recto: calligraphic note (complete) to Abu 'Imran regarding the binding of a book. Also mentions the color of the silk. As for a certain person coming to see the writer, he strongly discourages it. He refuses to see him at all. This person suggested something that his ears have never heard the like of. The identities of the people are not clear because of the allusiveness. Information from Goitein's note card. Verso: longer letter in the handwriting of Moshe b. Levi ha-Levi (and signed Musa) to a respected personage involving book business. R. Anatoli seems to have reneged on various promises, and his bad behavior became public knowledge. R. Anatoli said he would only give the Commentary and Masekhet Niddah. Moshe said to him, "But the buyer already [paid to] bind them!" He said, "I'll pay the price of the binding." The convoluted story goes on. The color of silk is mentioned -- so recto and verso must be related, though it is not clear exactly how. The writer is sitting in his house awaiting instructions. ASE.