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Letter from Efrayim b. Isḥāq, in Alexandria, to Nahray b. Nissim, in Fustat. Dating: Ca. 1070 CE. The writer owns several apartments in Alexandria and rents an apartment to Nahray. Nahray has heard rumors that Efrayim is loaning other people books that belong to Nahray, from his apartment. The writer defends himself and admits that he loaned two books to Mevorakh b. Seʿadya, but in exchange for a receipt signed by two witnesses. The writer has business relations with the addressee and writes about selling vinegar. The writer received Nahray's letter in the ship, in the evening of its sail. He therefore wrote this letter (because in haste?) on a reused receipt—written in Arabic script—from nearly twenty years earlier (it is dated 4 March 1051 CE). The writer also inquires about his sick female paternal cousin (bint ʿammī, r3). (Information from Gil, Kingdom, Vol. 4, #710) VMR

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