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Letter from Yosef b. ʿEli ha- Kohen al-Fāsī, Alexandria, to Nahray b. Nissim, Fustat. Around 1057. In the handwriting of Salmān b. Hārūn. Yūsuf b. ʿAlī Kohen al-Fāsī writes of his intention to come to Fustat and meet with Abū ʿAbdallah (Ibn al-Baʿbāʿ) to see if he had kept his goods safe for him, and asks to send him his greetings. Contains information about movement of ships and goods. The situation in Alexandria is not good and merchants that were supposed to arrive there did not. Also mentions Nahray’s eye disease. Goitein's note card #27112: "Just as we do, one reacted to the news that a relative or friend was restored to health. One used for the occasion the same phrase 'I congratulate you' as one did with good wishes for holy days or a marriage or a safe return from a journey. T-S 13J17.2 is characteristic in this respect. The copyist of the letter had expressed his good wishes for Nahray's recovery from his serious eye disease. His boss had forgotten to do so but obviously read what the scribe had added. Thus the scribe adds, 'My lord Abu Ya'qub al-Kohen wishes to congratulate you on your recovery.'"

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