Letter: Bodl. MS heb. d 66/88

Letter Bodl. MS heb. d 66/88



Record of a deposition in court, written in the hand of the scribe Hillel b. Eli, ca. 1095. The record states that Perahya b. Ya'aqov appeared in court and dedicated his compound to the two synagogues, of the Palestinians and the Babylonians. The rent of the compound is to be spent on oil for the two synagogues, in equal parts. Since there were too many errors in this document, the scribe probably decided to write it again, and that is perhaps the reason why the document is unsigned. (Information from Gil, Documents, pp. 217 #34)

Bodl. MS heb. d 66/88 88 recto

88 recto


Moshe Gil, Documents of the Jewish Pious Foundations from the Cairo Geniza (Leiden: Brill, 1976).
  1. חצל לי מן גהה אבי נצר
  2. דידיע בן כיט אלבראדה
  3. הרון בן מבארך רחמה אללה
  4. בוגה צחיח //בנימוסי הגויים//ישהד בדלך
  5. אלכתב [[ערבי]] //אלתי// מעי ובידי
  6. ותחדידהא פי אלכתאבין
  7. אל[צרבי] אלדין א[חדה]מא


Moshe Gil, Documents of the Jewish Pious Foundations from the Cairo Geniza (Leiden: Brill, 1976).

Recto, column I

  1. In Thy Name, oh Merciful! etc. 

  2.  Here is what happened: There appeared before us al-Shaykh 

  3.  Abūʾl-Surūr, our Master and Leader Peraḥyā, 

  4.  the son of our Master and Leader Jacob, the parnās, 

  5.  known as b. al-Fāsī, of blessed memory, and said 

  6.  to us: have a compound in the lane of 

  7.  the synagogue which is known as "of the Babylonians" 

  8.  that is adjacent to the place now known as the apartment of Simḥā al-ʿAkkāwī 

  10.  al-Ḥaffār, 

  11.  a part of which I have inherited from my mother 

  12.  Sitt al-Bayt, the daughter of our Master David, 

  13.  known as al-Dhahabī, of blessed memory, and its remaining part

  14.  came into my possession from Abū Naṣr, 

  15.  known as b. Khīṭ al-Barāda 

  16.  Harūn b. Mubārak, of blessed memory,

  17.  in a legal way, before a Muslim court, as attested 

  18.  by the letters that I have with me. 

  19.  As to the description of its boundaries, it is found in two Arabic letters 

  20.  one of which 


Recto, column II

  1.  is on the name of my mother and the other one 

  2.  on my name, (so that) there is no need to enumerate its boundaries 

  3.  herewith. I have decided to 

  4.  dedicate it so that its rent 

  5.  be spent each month for 

  6.  oil to burn in the two synagogues, 

  7.  of the Babylonians and of the Palestinians,

  8. may God preserve both of them forever, 

  9.  in two equal parts,

  10. after having deducted (the sum) needed for 

  11.  its (i.e. the compound's) necessary improvement, 

  12.  such as the repair of its 

  13. damaged parts and so forth…


Bodl. MS heb. d 66/88 88 verso

88 verso
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