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Letter Halper 399


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Letter from Nissim b. Benāyā (Alexandria) to Avraham (ʿArūs) b. Yosef (Fustat), ca. 1085 (Gil). Nissim b. Benāyā brought a sum of money for ʿArūs b. Yosef from the Maghreb and had to send it to Fustat in cash. He would have preferred to exchange the money in Alexandria for a bill of exchange from Fustat but this was not possible. (Information from Gil, Kingdom, Vol. 3, p. 1009.) The letter was composed shortly after Nissim b. Benāyā’s return from the Maghreb around 1100 (Goitein) and is full of gratitude for the receiver. (Information from Goitein index cards linked below.)

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