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Letter from Umm al-Khayr, the widow of Eliyya al-Dimunshī, in Ragusa, Sicily, to her son Yehuda b. Eliyya in Fustat. Around 1060. The woman lives with her married daughters. The letter is a tearful plea for her son to return home before she dies. In fact, the family had heard a rumor that he died three years prior, so they held a large funeral and mourned him as if he had been present, believing that he died alone in a foreign land with no one to mourn him. But a letter from her son just arrived, awakening her yearning for him. She tells him that his father died in his lifetime, so he should return to his conscience and awaken his soul, and say to himself, "My father died in my lifetime, and now my mother will too. This will be counted as a tremendous sin on my account." She reiterates several times that he must come back before she perishes. (Information in part from Gil, Kingdom, Vol. 4, #798.) VMR. ASE.

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