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List of the honorary titles of the Bundar family of Aden, ca. 1120. Written by Halfon b. Menashshe Halevi. Names and titles in the list: Bundar b. Yefet "prince of the congregations," his uncle Avraham "prince of the congregations," his brother Yishaq "the generous [of the congregations?]" and his son Khalaf "the precious of the congregations."

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S. D. Goitein and Mordechai Akiva Friedman, India traders of the middle ages : documents from the Cairo Geniza : India book (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2008), vol. 2.

II 11b

  1. בנדאר שר הקהלות בר יפת ש[ר הקהלות …]
  2. ו[[חמודיו]] //עמומתה דוד[י]ו// אברהם שר הקהלות […]
  3. ואחיו יצחק נדיב [ה]קהלות ב[ר בנדאר …]
  4. וכלף חמודו חמדת הקהלו[ת…]


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