List or table: T-S NS J222

List or table T-S NS J222



List of ten donors, headed by the Raṣuy (see T-S K15.36), seconded by the Shāʿir (Poet, see BL OR 5566C.11 and 12), and followed by other names known from the beginning of the thirteenth century. All but the last gave 1, namely, one jug (of wine), as proved by the last contribution which consisted of 'half a jug.' Wine is required at the domestic Passover ceremony 'even from the poor' and is provided here in kind to those who had no adequate supply. (Information from Mediterranean Society, II, p. 500, App. C 88)

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Mark Cohen, unpublished editions‎ (in Judaeo-Arabic).
  1. אלרצוי א
  2. אלשאער א
  3. אבו סעיד אלשראב[י]
  4. א
  5. אבו אלעז אלשראבי
  6. א אבן עמראן
  7. אלשיך אלתקה
  8. א
  9. אלשיך אבו סעד בן אלעדים
  10. א
  11. אבו אלכיר בן אבו אלרצא
  12. א
  13. [[אבו אלמנגא בן צאעד]]
  14. [א]
  15. אב[ו...]את בן אלנר?
  16. א
  17. בן אבו אלחסן בן נתן
  18. נצף גבה


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