List or table: T-S NS J105

List or table T-S NS J105



Account of payments to officials and to the families of deceased officials during the sixteenth week of the liturgical year. R. Menashshe, so frequently mentioned in previous lists, as well as his colleague R. Daniel, are mentioned here as dead. The collector 'Shemuel b. Shelomo, the partner of R. Ḥalfon' is identical with Bū Manṣūr b. Shelomo of T-S K15.93, but his description as the partner of another man shows that he must have been comparatively inconspicuous. Shelomo b. Eliyyahu, the writer of the account, paid out the total of 44 1/2 dirhams he had received from the collector. When no money was left for one of the beadles, he had to 'transfer' him to another social officer, the Kohen al-Naḥḥāl (Mr.'Beekeeper,' often mentioned as a donor). Only 16 dirhams were spent for bread, presumably for only one of the two weekly distributions.' (Information from Mediterranean Society, II, p. 453, App. B 49 [dated 1210-1225])

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Mark Cohen, unpublished editions‎ (in Judaeo-Arabic).
  1. שבת בשלח אלגאבי פיהא
  2. ר שמואל בר שלמה זל
  3. שריך ר חלפון שץ
  4. אלחאצל פי אלגבאיה מד ½
  5. אלמצרוף מנהא כבז וחמולה יו
  6. יוסף שומר ד
  7. ר ידותון ז
  8. שמש אבו אלטאהר ד
  9. בית אלמבין נע ג
  10. אלשיך אבי אלפצל שומר //כאן// [[ג ½ ]]
  11. ג
  12. בית רבינו מנשה הדיין //זל// ב ½
  13. רבנו יפתח שץ ב ½
  14. שמש מחאסן אחאלה
  15. עלי אלכהן בן אלנחאל
  16. ב
  17. בית בן ר דניאל זל ג
  18. קרצת נצף
  19. לבו אלפצל


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