List or table: T-S K15.17

List or table T-S K15.17



Nine entries, names of recipients of alms, on vellum in huge calligraphic letters, such as 'two freed women, two persons from Hijaz, two from Sahrajt [Egypt], the daughter of Mishael,' accompanied by numbers ranging from one to six. (Information from Mediterranean Society, II p. 442, App. B 10, dated 1040-1060)

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Mark Cohen, unpublished editions‎ (in Judaeo-Arabic).
  1. אבו עלי ג סולימאן ג בנת
  2. מישׁאל א צהרגתיין ב
  3. בנת אלזיק א גאריה חכים
  4. א בן מסלם א עתאקתין ב
  5. חזאנין ו


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