List or table: ENA NS 77.291

List or table ENA NS 77.291



List of recipients of charity, mentioning "in the synagogue of the Palestinians," which probably refers to a person who lived there. Also two women with the notation "she should be checked out" (yukshaf ʿanha), meaning her deservedness should be verified. ENA NS 77.242 seems to be from the same list. The Voice of the Poor in the Middle Ages, no.69.

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Mark Cohen, The Voice of the Poor in the Middle Ages (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2005).
  1. פי כני]סה אלשאמ[י]ין
  2. אם אברהם אלדי הי סאכנה
  3. פי דאר אלחנדג וואלדתהא
  4. אמ]ראה שבת
  5. יכשף ענ]הא


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  1. אמראת ברכאת
  2. יכשף ענהא
  3. אברהם בן ברכאת אל[מ]גאזלי
  4. זוגה בן חנין פי דאר אלגזל
  5. אם נגים
  6. אלאסכ[נדריין
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