List or table: ENA NS 77.242

List or table ENA NS 77.242



List (fragment) of recipients, including the phrase "he should be checked out" below the name of "the acquaintance of the son of Da'ud" and "the acquaintance of the son of the dayyan of Barqa. This reflects a system of verification of public charity in Fustat. Verso has Avraham al-Iskandrani and others. ENA NS 77.47 seems to be part of the same list. (Information from Cohen, Poverty and Charity in the Jewish Community of Medieval Egypt, p. 99)

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Mark Cohen, unpublished editions‎ (in Judaeo-Arabic).
  1. ....].ה אבו אלק...
  2. מערפה בן דאוד
  3. ויכשף ענה
  4. מ]ערפה בן דיאן ברקה
  5. ו]יכשף ענה [
  1. verso
  1. ר' אלעזר בן שלאל? .....[
  2. אברהם אלאסכנראני
  3. בן חבאש?
  4. ברכאת אלרואס
  5. .[.]..


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