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Left upper corner, of list of persons receiving emoluments from the community, headed by judges and including 2 scholars, 3 parnasim, the beadles of the 2 synagogues, a woman teacher, and 5 unspecified others. The Rayyis Abu al-Mufaddal was judge in the capital of Egypt but also a merchant who traveled as far as Qus. He appears also in contributor lists App. C 18, 19, 119. Written by the clerk Ḥalfon b. Menashshe ibn al-Qata'if, dated documents 1100-1138. (Information from Mediterranean Society, II, 442, App. B 16)

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Mark Cohen, unpublished editions‎ (in Judaeo-Arabic).
  1. ] מולאי אלרייס אבו אלמפצל
  2. ] מולאי אלנזר
  3. ] אלשיך אבו נצר בן שלום
  4. ] אלפרנס אבו אלרצא
  5. ] אלפרנס אבו אלחסן
  6. י]עקוב בן קטאיף
  7. ] נציר בן תאבת
  8. ] ר מנחם
  9. ] אכוה מוסי
  10. בן?] אלמעלמה
  11. ]. אלרב


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  1. כאדם אלעראקיין
  2. כאדם אלשאמיין
  3. אלכהן אלכיאט
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