Legal document: T-S AS 149.13

Legal document T-S AS 149.13



Legal document/note testifying that a certain Baqā' b. al-Surūr the [indigo] merchant will operate the tax farm (ḍamān) of Tamīm, the ḍāmin of al-Burqāniyya (location unidentified), for a payment of 4 dirhams a month, as long as he has that tax farm and the tax farm for Qalyūb. Dated the first of Ramaḍān. Witnesses: Ḥalfon Kohen b Elʿazar; Shemuel b. Nissim. (Information in part from Goitein's index cards.) On verso there are additional notes in Arabic script and Hebrew script mentioning Rabīʿ I and Tishrei.

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S. D. Goitein, unpublished editions.


  1. שהדנא עלי אלשיך בקא בן אבו אלסרור תא[גר אלניל
  2. אן ענדה לתמים צאמן אלברקאניה ארבעה אלדר
  3. פי כל שהר טאלמא הוא צאמן וטאלמא צמ[ן
  4. קליוב פי צמאנהם אול רמצאן חלפון כהן בר אל[עזר
  5. שמואל בר נסים נע


Marina Rustow, [digital geniza document edition].


  1. A testimony that the elder Baqā b. Abū l-Surūr [the indigo] me[rchant]
  2. owes Tamīm, ḍāmin of al-Burqāniyya, 4 dirhams
  3. per month, as long as (the latter) is a ḍāmin and as long as he st[ands surety for the revenue]
  4. of Qalyūb in their (!) ḍamān. 1 Ramaḍan. Ḥalfon ha-Kohen b. El[ʿazar]
  5. Shemuʾel bar Nissim, may his resting place be Eden.

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