Legal document: T-S AS 146.18

Legal document T-S AS 146.18


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Short note written and signed by the judge Shemuel b. Saadya stating, “The administrators of the Compound of the Jerusalemites are advised to pay to the ‘Mother of Avraham,’ better known under the name ‘the Mother of the Little Calf’ 9 ½ dirhams, her share in the revenue from the Compound of the Jerusalemites for the year 1477 [of the Seleucid Era, A.D. 1165/6]. And Peace.” (S. D. Goitein, Mediterranean Society, 3:324-5, 500) EMS

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S. D. Goitein, unpublished editions.
  1. ידפע גבאת רבע אלמקאדסה לאם אברהם
  2. אלמערופה באם אלעגיל תסעה דראהם ונצף
  3. מן נציבהא פי רבע אלמקאדסה שנת אתעז
  4. ושלום שמואל בר סעדיה הלוי נע


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