List or table: T-S NS 324.112 + Moss. VII,157

List or table T-S NS 324.112 + Moss. VII,157



Verso: Two distinct text blocks in Arabic script. (1) The names of the months of the Coptic calendar. (2) Accounts, recording credits and debits and mentioning a paternal aunt and her son. Gil understands these as the private accounts of one of Nehemya’s sons, mentioning the name of two sons, Yoshiyyahu and Avraham. List of monthly rental payments, for one third of Sahlān’s house that was probably inherited to the writer. (Information from CUDL and Gil, Kingdom, Vol. 2, #40, and E. Bareket, Shafrir misrayim, pp. 167, 169, 174.)

Moss. VII,157 1v



Marina Rustow and Naïm Vanthieghem, [digital geniza document edition] (in Arabic).


Moss. VII,157 1r

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