Legal document: T-S 8J10.17

Legal document T-S 8J10.17



Husband who intends to travel abroad allocates 20 dirhams per month, namely, five per week, for his wife, plus some wheat, the 20 dirhams to be used also for his capitation tax and from which she will pay rent and other household expenses, while he stipulates expressly not to lay claim on any earnings made by her through work and spinning. Fustat. Dated Tishri 1445/1133. (Information from Mediterranean Society, I, 127, 423)

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S. D. Goitein, unpublished editions.
  1. חצר אבו אלפרג בן גזאל אל
  2. קיסראני אקני מן רוחה טאיע
  3. גיר מגבר אנה יקום ל[זוגתה
  4. אם אולאדה פי כל שהר בכ
  5. דרהם כל אס //ביע// ה דראהם וובתין(!)
  6. קמח טייב וחק טחינהא וקד
  7. אקנינא מן זוגתה אנהא תקום
  8. בהדא אלכ דרהם ען מא ילזמה
  9. מן אלגזייה ואגרה בית ונפקה
  10. ביתהא ולא תטלב שי אכר
  11. בעד אן יקום להא בדלך עלי
  12. יד בית דין ולא יטאלבהא הוא
  13. בעמל ולא בג[ז]ל ולא במא
  14. קימתה פרוטה ורציא בדלך
  15. גמיע ואקנינא עליה קנין גמור
  16. בכלי כשר לקנות בו וכאן
  17. דלך אול חודש תשרי אתמה
  18. ח ת ה
  19. נתן הכהן בר שלמה הכהן נע
  20. ת א מ


Renée Levine Melammed, "Jewish women in Muslim territory in the Middle Ages: two documents from the Cairo Geniza," Clio. Women, Gender, History, no. 44 (n.p.: Belin, 2016), 229–41.


  1. Abual-Faḍl, son of Ghazal the Alexandrian, came

  2.  And obligated himself with a qinyan of his own free will

  3. And not under duress, (so) that he will pay his wife,

  4. Mother of his children, every month 20

  5. Dirhem, each week 5 dirhems and 2 portions

  6. Of wheat of high quality and the cost of their grinding. And already

  7. He obligated her to him with a qinyan so that she will pay

  8. From these 20 dirhems whatever he owes, such as

  9. For the poll tax, and the rent for the house and the expenses

  10. Of her household. And she will not request (of him) anything, as

  11. Long as he pays her this (sum) via the supervision of

  12. The court. And he will not demand of her (earnings from)

  13. Her handiwork or her spinning and not that which (even)

  14. Has the smallest value. And they both agreed to this

  15. Together. And we performed with him a complete qinyan

  16. With an implement fit for doing this. And this was

  17. On the first of the month of Tishrei 1133.

  18. Nathan the Cohen, son of Solomon the Cohen, may his soul rest in paradise.


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1. And the words of (she whose) name is Khayra were completed.

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