State document: Moss. IX,202.3

State document Moss. IX,202.3


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In PGP since 2022


Petition to a state official. In Arabic. After a taqbīl, the addressee is greeted with many titles ("al-majlis al-ʿādilī al-sayfī al-nāṣirī(?) al-kāmilī al-hādī"). The petitioner complains ("wa-yunhī...") of his "weakness" and "isolation" (inqiṭāʿ) and "poverty." The nature of his request is lost. The addressee could possibly be the wazīr of al-Ẓāfir or the Ayyubid Sultan al-ʿĀdil based on the opening but requires further examination. Reused for piyyuṭ on recto. Not yet digitized.


Yusuf Umrethwala and Alan Elbaum, PGP Transcriptions‎ (in Arabic) (n.p., 2022).


  1. ] . . . امير المومنين وعلى آبائه الطاهرين
  2. ] يقبل الارض امام المجلس العادلي السيفي
  3. ] الناصري(؟) الكاملي الهادي عضد الله به الدين
  4. ] ادام (وخلد؟) قدرته واعلى ابدا كلمته وانفذ
  5. احكامه . . .] . . وينهي ضعفه وانقطاعه وقلة ذات(؟) يده