State document: L-G Ar. I.105

State document L-G Ar. I.105


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In PGP since 2022


Petition, or at least a formal letter in Arabic script. Portions of 11 lines are preserved. Many polite formulae are preserved, but unclear how much of the substance. The writer reveals his zeal to perform service "God knows the slave's intent in performing service for the ḥāḍra al-jalīla". Contains a raʾy clause "wa li-ḥaḍratihi l-jalīla raʾyyuhā l-muwaffaq". Reused on recto for Hebrew poetry. Needs further examination.


Yusuf Umrethwala and Alan Elbaum, unpublished editions (n.p., 2023).
  1. ا]لسعيد مما كان مصادرته في كل [

  2. ] له دينار لا يوصل منه في هـ[ـذه

  3. ] كل(؟) نجم بالغرض ان تجري هذه الـنو[احـ]ـي(؟) [ 

  4. ] فلولا خوفي من سخطه لكنت موضع كتابي

  5. ـ]ـدا لا ذكر بالمشاهدة(؟) ولا تحتمل المكاتبة ان 

  6. ولا تسـ]ـعه الصحف ولكون ربا(؟) بعد هذا الوقت

  7. ] . ما ذكره انه علم صحته لان الله عز وجل

  8. عـ]ـلم بنية عبده في خدمته الجليلة [vacat] والله

  9. ]ـذلك [vacat] عبده يتطلع الى

  10.  ] وكان(؟) شويس(؟) وغيرها 

  11. ولحضرتها] الجليلة رايها الموفق


Yusuf Umrethwala, PGP Translations (n.p., 2023).
  1. ] al-Saʿīd. His correspondences in each [
  2. ] a dinar doesn’t generate from this in these [
  3. ]…every (?) installment, for the reason that these districts(?)
  4. ] were it not for my fear of his disapproval, instead of my letter
  5. ] cannot be conveyed through correspondence
  6. ] or in letters, and for his being…. after this time
  7. ] what he narrated, and he knew of its certainty, because God, the exalted
  8. ] knows the zeal of his slave in performing His service. I swear by God
  9. ] on this [vacat], his slave will correspond with
  10. ]……..and others
  11. and to the lofty presence] belongs the lofty opinion