State document: ENA NS 2.33

State document ENA NS 2.33


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Verso: Draft (probably) of a petition. In Arabic script. "The slave... wishes to maintain the traditions... we wish to maintain our traditions and the traditions of our fathers before us and [haykal something?] is in a place, which is our synagogue..."

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Yusuf Umrethwala, PGP Transcriptions‎ (in Arabic) (n.p., 2023).
  1. بسـ[ـم الله الرحمن الرحيم]
  2. العبد المملـ[ـوك
  3. ونشتهي ان نبقى عل رسمنا[
  4. ونشتهي ان نبقى على رسمنا وعلى رسم ابونا
  5. قبلنا وهـ[ ] ونحن في مكان وهو كنيستنا


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